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How to Pronounce Flattens: Learn how to pronounce Flattens in English correctly

Learn how to say Flattens correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word flatten:

1make or become flat or flatter:
[with object]:
her hair had been flattened by the storm
[no object]:
after Kendal, the countryside begins to flatten out
[with object and adverbial of place] press (oneself or one’s body) against a surface:
Guy flattened himself against the wall
2 [with object] raze (a building or settlement) to the ground:
the entire town centre was flattened by the 500 lb bomb
informal strike (someone) so as to make them fall down:
Flynn flattened him with a single punch
informal defeat heavily in a contest:
they flattened Bridgend by forty-two points to fifteen
informal humiliate or depress (someone):
the controversy has flattened everybody here
3 [with object] Music lower (a note) in pitch by a semitone.
Phrasal Verbs
flatten out
1(of an increasing quantity or rate) show a less marked rise; slow down:
over the last two years our sales increase has flattened out
2make an aircraft fly horizontally after a dive or climb:
he flattened out and made a fine three-point landing