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How to Pronounce Firm: Learn how to pronounce Firm in English correctly

Learn how to say Firm correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word firm:

1having a solid, almost unyielding surface or structure:
the bed should be reasonably firm, but not too hard
solidly in place and stable:
no building can stand without firm foundations
he was unable to establish the shop on a firm financial footing
having steady but not excessive power or strength:
you need a firm grip on the steering
showing resolute determination and strength of character:
parents should be firm with children and not give in to their demands
2strongly felt and unlikely to change:
he retains a firm belief in the efficacy of prayer
steadfast and constant:
we became firm friends
decided upon and fixed or definite:
she had no firm plans for the next day
(of a currency, shares, etc.) having a steady value or price which is more likely to rise than fall:
the pound was firm against the dollar
[with object]
make more solid or resilient:
how can I firm up a sagging bustline?
fix (a plant) securely in the soil:
don’t tread around bushes to firm them
make (an agreement or plan) explicit and definite:
the agreements still have to be firmed up
[no object] (of a price) rise slightly to reach a level considered secure:
he believed house prices would firm by the end of the year
[with complement]:
the shares firmed 15p to 620p
in a resolute and determined manner:
the Chancellor has held firm to tough economic policies
she will stand firm against the government’s proposal

be on firm ground

be sure of one’s facts or secure in one’s position.
a firm hand

strict discipline or control:
children need a firm hand from day one




Middle English: from Old French ferme, from Latin firmus