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How to Pronounce End: Learn how to pronounce End in English correctly

Learn how to say End correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word end:

1a final part of something, especially a period of time, an activity, or a story:
the end of the year
Mario led the race from beginning to end
a termination of a state or situation:
the party called for an end to violence
one notice will be effective to bring the tenancy to an end
a person’s death:
I saw him in hospital a few days before the end
archaic (in biblical use) an ultimate state or condition:
the end of that man is peace
2the furthest or most extreme part of something:
the church at the end of the road
[as modifier]:
the end house
British a small piece that is left after use:
an ashtray full of cigarette ends
a specified extreme of a scale:
homebuyers at the lower end of the market
either of two places linked by a telephone call, letter, or journey:
‘Hello,’ said a voice at the other end
either of the halves of a sports field or court defended by one team or player:
when they changed ends, the goals kept coming
3a part or person’s share of an activity:
you’re going to honour your end of the deal
4a goal or desired result:
each would use the other to further his own ends
to this end, schools were set up for peasant women
5(in bowls and curling) a session of play in one particular direction across the playing area.
6 American Football a lineman positioned nearest the sideline:
a defensive end
come or bring to a final point; finish:
[no object]:
when the war ended, policy changed
the chapter ends with a case study
[with object]:
she wanted to end the relationship
[no object] reach a point and go no further:
the surfaced road ends at the farm
[no object] perform a final act:
the man ended by attacking a police officer
[no object] (end in) have as its final part or result:
the match ended in a draw
[no object] (end up) eventually come to a specified place or situation:
I ended up in Eritrea
you could end up with a higher income