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How to Pronounce Distracted: Learn how to pronounce Distracted in English correctly

Learn how to say Distracted correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word distract:

[with object]
prevent (someone) from concentrating on something:
don’t allow noise to distract you from your work
divert (attention) from something:
it was another attempt to distract attention from the truth
(distract oneself) divert one’s attention from something unpleasant by doing something different or more pleasurable:
I tried to distract myself by concentrating on Jane
archaic perplex and bewilder:
horror and doubt distract His troubl’d thoughts
late Middle English (also in the sense ‘pull in different directions’): from Latin distract- ‘drawn apart’, from the verb distrahere, from dis- ‘apart’ + trahere ‘to draw, drag’