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How to Pronounce Deriving: Learn how to pronounce Deriving in English correctly

Learn how to say Deriving correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word derive:

[with object] (derive something from)
obtain something from (a specified source):
they derived great comfort from this assurance
(derive something from) base a concept on an extension or modification of (another concept):
some maintain that he derived the idea of civil disobedience from Thoreau
[no object] (derive from) (of a word) have (a specified word, usually of another language) as a root or origin:
the word ‘punch’ derives from the Hindustani ‘pancha’
[with object]:
the word ‘man’ is derived from the Sanskrit ‘manas’
[no object] (derive from) arise from or originate in (a specified source):
words whose spelling derives from Dr Johnson’s incorrect etymology
(be derived from) Linguistics (of a sentence in a natural language) be linked by a set of stages to (its underlying logical form).
(be derived from) (of a substance) be formed or prepared by (a chemical or physical process affecting another substance):
strong acids are derived from the combustion of fossil fuels
Mathematics obtain (a function or equation) from another by a sequence of logical steps, for example by differentiation:
the volume fraction of the soil can then be derived as a function of L
late Middle English (in the sense ‘draw a fluid through or into a channel’): from Old French deriver or Latin derivare, from de- ‘down, away’ + rivus ‘brook, stream’