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How to Pronounce Crews: Learn how to pronounce Crews in English correctly

Learn how to say Crews correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word crew:

1 [treated as singular or plural] a group of people who work on and operate a ship, aircraft, etc.:
he was one of nine members of the crew killed when the plane went down
a group of people working on a ship, aircraft, etc. other than the officers:
the ship’s captain and crew may be brought to trial
[mass noun] US the sport of rowing.
2a group of people who work closely together:
a film crew
informal, often derogatory a group of people associated in some way:
a crew of assorted computer geeks
informal, chiefly US a group of rappers, break dancers, or graffiti artists performing or operating together:
a graffiti crew called the Syndicate
[with object]
provide (a craft or vehicle) with a group of people to operate it:
normally the boat is crewed by five people
[no object] act as a member of a crew, subordinate to a captain:
I’ve never crewed for a world-famous yachtsman before


noun (plural crewmen)

late Middle English: from Old French creue ‘augmentation, increase’, feminine past participle of croistre ‘grow’, from Latin crescere. The original sense was ‘band of soldiers serving as reinforcements’; hence it came to denote any organized armed band or, generally, a company of people (late 16th century)