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How to Pronounce Crepe: Learn how to pronounce Crepe in English correctly

Learn how to say Crepe correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word crêpe:

1 [mass noun] (also crape) a light, thin fabric with a wrinkled surface:
[as modifier]:
a crêpe bandage
(also crêpe rubber) hard-wearing wrinkled rubber, used for the soles of shoes.
2 /also krɛp/ a thin pancake.


(also crêpy) adjective

late 18th century: French, from Old French crespe ‘curled, frizzed’, from Latin crispus

Spelling help

Crêpe is a French word, and is usually spelled with an accent (called a circumflex) on the first e, although crepe is also correct.