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How to Pronounce Construction: Learn how to pronounce Construction in English correctly

Learn how to say Construction correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word construction:

[mass noun]
1the action of building something, typically a large structure:
there was a skyscraper under construction
the industry of constructing buildings, roads, etc.:
50,000 more jobs will go from construction
the style or method used in the building of something:
the mill is of brick construction
[count noun] a building or other structure:
the central waterway was a spectacular construction
2the creation of an abstract entity:
language plays a large part in our construction of reality
[count noun] an interpretation or explanation:
you could put an honest construction upon their conduct
Grammar the arrangement of words according to syntactical rules:
sentence construction




late Middle English: via Old French from Latin constructio(n-), from construere ‘heap together’ (see construct)