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How to Pronounce Common: Learn how to pronounce Common in English correctly

Learn how to say Common correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word common:

adjective (commoner, commonest)
1occurring, found, or done often; prevalent:
salt and pepper are the two most common seasonings
common misspellings
it’s common for a woman to be depressed after giving birth
(of an animal or plant) found or living in relatively large numbers; not rare:
you might spot less common birds such as the great spotted woodpecker
the swordfish is not common in European waters
denoting the most widespread or typical species of an animal or plant:
the common gull
ordinary; of ordinary qualities; without special rank or position:
the dwellings of common people
a common soldier
(of a quality) of a sort or level to be generally expected:
common decency
of the most familiar type:
the common or vernacular name
2shared by, coming from, or done by two or more people, groups, or things:
the two republics’ common border
problems common to both communities
belonging to or involving the whole of a community or the public at large:
common land
Mathematics belonging to two or more quantities.
3British showing a lack of taste and refinement supposedly typical of the lower classes; vulgar:
she’s so common
4 Grammar (in Latin, Dutch, and certain other languages) of or denoting a gender of nouns that are conventionally regarded as masculine or feminine, contrasting with neuter.
(in English) denoting a noun that refers to individuals of either sex (e.g. teacher).
5 Prosody (of a syllable) able to be either short or long.
6 Law (of a crime) of lesser severity:
common assault
1a piece of open land for public use:
we spent the morning tramping over the common looking for flowers
2British informal common sense.
3(in the Christian Church) a form of service used for each of a group of occasions.
4 (also right of common) English Law a person’s right over another’s land, e.g. for pasturage or mineral extraction.