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How to Pronounce Committee: Learn how to pronounce Committee in English correctly

Learn how to say Committee correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word committee:

1 /kəˈmɪti/ [treated as singular or plural] a group of people appointed for a specific function by a larger group and typically consisting of members of that group:
the housing committee
[as modifier]:
a committee meeting
(in the UK) a committee appointed by Parliament to consider the details of proposed legislation:
there was much scrutiny in committee
(Committee of the whole House) (in the UK) the whole House of Commons when sitting as a committee.
2 /ˌkɒmɪˈtiː/ Law a person entrusted with the charge of another person or another person’s property.
chiefly US a person who has been judicially committed to the charge of another because of insanity or mental disability.
late 15th century (in the general sense ‘person to whom something has been entrusted’): from commit + -ee

Spelling help
Spell committee with a double m, a double t, and a double e at the end.