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How to Pronounce Coloured: Learn how to pronounce Coloured in English correctly

Learn how to say Coloured correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word coloured:

1having a colour or colours, especially as opposed to being black, white, or neutral:
brightly coloured birds are easier to see
[in combination]:
a peach-coloured sofa
imbued with an emotive or exaggerated quality:
highly coloured examples were used by both sides
2 (also Coloured) dated or offensive wholly or partly of non-white descent.
South African used as an ethnic label for people of mixed ethnic origin, including Khoisan, African, Malay, Chinese, and white:
there was a drive to recruit coloured, black, and Indian members
1 (also Coloured) dated or offensive a person who is wholly or partly of non-white descent.
South African a person of mixed descent usually speaking Afrikaans or English as their mother tongue:
the ANC was not making much progress among Indians or mixed-race Coloureds
2 (coloureds) clothes, sheets, etc. that are any colour but white:
she wouldn’t mix her whites with her coloureds on washday
Coloured referring to skin colour is first recorded in the early 17th century and was adopted in the US by emancipated slaves as a term of racial pride after the end of the American Civil War. In Britain it was the accepted term until the 1960s, when it was superseded (as in the US) by black. The term coloured lost favour among black people during this period and is now widely regarded as offensive except in historical contexts. In South Africa the term coloured (also written Coloured) has a different history. It is used to refer to people of mixed-race parentage rather than, as elsewhere, to refer to African peoples and their descendants (i.e. as a synonym for black). Under apartheid it was imposed as an official racial designation. However, in modern use the term is not generally considered offensive or derogatory.