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How to Pronounce Chunks: Learn how to pronounce Chunks in English correctly

Learn how to say Chunks correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word chunk:

a thick, solid piece of something:
huge chunks of masonry littered the street
[in singular] a significant amount of something:
she invested a chunk of her inheritance in the stock market
Computing a section of information or data.
[with object]
1North American divide (something) into chunks:
chunk four pounds of pears
informal throw (something):
chunk a piece of wood on the fire, will you?
2(in psychology or linguistic analysis) group together (connected items or words) so that they can be stored or processed as single concepts:
pupils are able to chunk phrases or propositions into units
(as noun chunking)
the chunking of information
Computing divide (data) into separate sections:
to prepare hypertext, information is chunked into small, manageable units

late 17th century: apparently an alteration of chuck3