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How to Pronounce Check: Learn how to pronounce Check in English correctly

Learn how to say Check correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word check:

[with object]
1examine (something) in order to determine its accuracy, quality, or condition, or to detect the presence of something:
customs officers have the right to check all luggage
[no object]:
a simple blood test to check for anaemia
verify or establish to one’s satisfaction:
phone us to check the availability of your chosen holiday
[with clause]:
she glanced over her shoulder to check that the door was shut
(check something against) verify the accuracy of something by comparing it with (something else):
keep your receipt to check against your statement
North Americananother way of saying check something off.
North Americananother way of saying check something in.
[no object] agree or correspond when compared.
informal look at; take notice of:
check the remix
2stop or slow the progress of (something, typically something undesirable):
efforts were made to check the disease
curb or control (one’s feelings or reaction):
he learned to check his excitement
Ice Hockey hamper or neutralize (an opponent) with one’s body or stick.
[no object] (check against) provide a means of preventing:
processes to check against deterioration in the quality of the data held
3 [with object] Chess move a piece or pawn to a square where it attacks (the opposing king):
he moves his knight to check my king again
4 [no object] (in poker) choose not to make a bet when called upon, allowing another player to do so instead.
5 [no object] (of a hound) pause to make sure of or regain a scent.
(of a trained hawk) abandon the intended quarry and fly after other prey.
1an examination to test or ascertain accuracy, quality, or satisfactory condition:
a campaign calling for regular checks on gas appliances
a health check
2a stopping or slowing of progress:
there was no check to the expansion of the market
a means of control or restraint:
a permanent check upon the growth or abuse of central authority
Ice Hockey an act of hampering or neutralizing an opponent with one’s body or stick.
a temporary loss of the scent in hunting.
Falconry the movement made by a hawk when it abandons its intended quarry and pursues other prey.
3 Chess a move by which a piece or pawn directly attacks the opponent’s king and by which the king may be checkmated.
4North American the bill in a restaurant.
5 (also baggage or luggage check) a token of identification for left luggage.
6a counter used as a stake in a gambling game.
7 (also check mark)North American term for tick1 (sense 1 of the noun).
8a part of a piano which catches the hammer and prevents it retouching the strings.
9a crack or flaw in timber.
1 informal, chiefly North American expressing assent or agreement.
2used by a chess player to announce that the opponent’s king has been placed in check.

Middle English (originally as used in the game of chess): the noun and exclamation from Old French eschec, from medieval Latin scaccus, via Arabic from Persian šāh ‘king’; the verb from Old French eschequier ‘play chess, put in check’. The sense ‘stop or control’ arose from the use in chess, and led (in the late 17th century) to ‘examine the accuracy of’