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How to Pronounce Bull: Learn how to pronounce Bull in English correctly

Learn how to say Bull correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word bull:

1an uncastrated male bovine animal:
[as modifier]:
bull calves
a large male animal, especially a whale or elephant.
(the Bull) the zodiacal sign or constellation Taurus.
2British a bullseye:
aim for the bull!
3 Stock Exchange a person who buys shares hoping to sell them at a higher price later. Often contrasted with bear2.
1 [with object and adverbial of direction] informal push or move powerfully or violently:
he bulled the motor cycle clear of the tunnel
2 [no object] (be bulling) (of a cow) behave in a manner characteristic of being on heat.

like a bull at a gate

taking action hastily and without thought:
I try not to analyse anything—I just go in like a bull at a gate
like a bull in a china shop

behaving recklessly and clumsily in a situation where one is likely to cause damage:
he was rushing about like a bull in a china shop
take the bull by the horns

deal decisively with a difficult or dangerous situation:
she decided to take the bull by the horns and organize things for herself

late Old English bula (recorded in place names), from Old Norse boli. Compare with bullock