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How to Pronounce Born: Learn how to pronounce Born in English correctly

Learn how to say Born correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word born:

existing as a result of birth:
she was born in Aberdeen
I was born with a sense of curiosity
a newly born baby
[in combination] having a specific nationality:
a German-born philosopher
[attributive] having a natural ability to do a particular job:
he’s a born engineer
[predic., with infinitive] perfectly suited or trained to do a particular job:
men born to rule
(of an organization, movement, or idea) brought into existence:
on 1 January 1992, the new company was born
(born of) existing as a result of (a particular situation or feeling):
his work is born of despair

born and bred

by birth and upbringing, especially with reference to someone considered a typical product of a place:
he was a Cambridge man born and bred
born on the wrong side of the blanket

see blanket.
be born with a silver spoon in one’s mouth

be born into a wealthy family of high social standing:
it’s obvious that he wasn’t raised with a silver spoon
in all one’s born days

used to express surprise at something one has not encountered before:
in all my born days I’ve never seen the like of it
not know one is born

British used to convey that someone has an easy life without realizing how easy it is:
you lot without families don’t know you’re born
there’s one (or a sucker) born every minute

informal there are many gullible people.
I (or he, she, etc.) wasn’t born yesterday

used to indicate that one (or another person) is not foolish or gullible.

Old English boren, past participle of beran ‘to bear’ (see bear1)