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How to Pronounce Blister: Learn how to pronounce Blister in English correctly

Learn how to say Blister correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word blister:

1a small bubble on the skin filled with serum and caused by friction, burning, or other damage:
his heels were covered in blisters
a swelling filled with air or fluid on the surface of a plant, heated metal, painted wood, etc.:
check for cracks and blisters in sheet roofing felt
Medicine, chiefly historical a preparation applied to the skin to form a blister.
2British informal, dated an annoying person:
the child is a disgusting little blister
[no object]
form blisters on the skin or other surface:
the surface of the door began to blister
(as adjective blistered)
he had blistered feet
[with object] cause blisters to form on the surface of:
a caustic liquid which blisters the skin
Middle English: perhaps from Old French blestre ‘swelling, pimple’