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How to Pronounce Beneath: Learn how to pronounce Beneath in English correctly

Learn how to say Beneath correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word beneath:

1extending or directly underneath:
a 2.5-mile tunnel beneath the Alps
underneath so as to be hidden, covered, or protected:
the ancient city has lain hidden beneath the sea for 2,000 years
2at a lower level or layer than:
beneath this floor there’s a cellar
her eyes had dark shadows beneath them
lower in grade or rank than:
he was relegated to the rank beneath theirs
considered of lower status or worth than:
she’s in love with a man who is rather beneath her
behind (a physical surface):
they found another layer beneath the stucco
hidden behind (an appearance):
beneath the gloss of success was a tragic private life
1extending or directly underneath something:
a house built on stilts to allow air to circulate beneath
2at a lower level or layer:
upper layers can be removed to reveal internal parts beneath
hidden behind an appearance:
the smile revealed the evil beneath

Old English binithan, bineothan, from bi (see by) + nithan, neothan ‘below’, of Germanic origin; related to nether